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Other Services


Through our affliated company, we have at our own disposal a warehouse located a Nilai Industrial Area, which is about 75 kilometres from Port Klang and about 25 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The warehouse is about 30,000 square feet with total land piece of 4 acres. Services in warehousing include marking, labelling, packing and unpacking.


At Central Continent, we provide door-to-door service as an effortless experience for our customers. By being a member of WCA, and by leveraging the breadth of the global network, we ensure our customers can have peace of mind when they engage with our services.

Project handling

We do offer tailor-made solutions to customers who wish to transport over-sized objects through flat rack containers, or out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo. Our experts can provide safe transport for your freight by land or sea.

Handling agent for Port Klang

Central Continent is an appointed handling agent for Port Klang targeted for number of forwarders from verseas on the arrangement of in/out shipment. Thus, world’s major carriers see us as their valuable partner within intra Asia trade lanes.

A diverse of segments

Central Continent’s customers are from a wide range of industries around the world. From industrial equipment such as engineering products and auto parts to comodities such as palm oil and latex, through to consumables like stationery, bottles and cans. Whatever their industry and wherever they are in the world, we ensure our customers enjoy peace of mind through our services.